Karma points?

sorry noob here… What are these Karma points I see some forum people have?

Hi there,

So posts have a Vote Up button you can use if you found a post helpful, interesting, funny - or whatever. The Karma system is just an indication of how many times a person’s posts have been upvoted. Sometimes in Technical Support someone may need to ask you to download software onto your computer, and knowing that they’ve been around for a long time and are trusted by other community members can help some people feel confident following that advice. Some forums (e.g. Diablo III’s and Path of Exile’s) have a Valued Poster program which is a similar take on the same idea.

It’s just to offer some recognition to people who are consistently helpful and pleasant. :slight_smile:

Nice. That kind of system is always appreciated. On the flip side is the user able to block/mute another user. For instance user accounts created just to spam nonsense which is common as a game rises in popularity and forum account creation is basically free.