Just want to ask Regarding Cycle and Legacy server

Most of My friends plays at Cycle, and i played at Legacy server,
Theres a written information when building new character at the Cycle server, its written that all the Cycle character will go to Legacy,

Now, the Question is
if i started playing at the Cycle server and start farming aswell, what happen to the Golds/ Stashes / Items / Reputations that i have farmed at the cycle ?
Do they will combined together ?
or do they will have a different stashes / gold / items ??

They’re fuzzy about the details, but your stash tabs will become “remove-only”, and your crafting mats and gold will be merged into your legacy mats and gold.

Once you remove all items from a remove-only tab, the tab will disappear, probably as soon as you next open your inventory. PoE works like this, and it’s okay.

Gold will be merged and item will be moved to “remove only” stash sounds like perfect for me, but we definitely need some confirmation from the devs directly to confirm this

because spending time at cycle meanwhile my whole account is in legacy, basicly i have 2 boats that i need to chose to play on with…
if 2 become 1, then i dont need to worry about a thing

If you’re waiting here in your thread for a dev to answer your question, you will wait a long time. Go to LE’s Twitch channel and watch the VODs.