Just some ranting

So, the launch situation…

I didnt talk in here, or in discord for that matter at all about launch. I was, and am at times very understanding about the -sometimes serious- hickups of the launch. I get both sides of the camp… what I dont understand is people protecting this launch with all their heart. If its bad its bad. Me as a long time player wont leave over it, but if you are a new player and paid 40 bucks for this and its going like this I also understand their negative review. Stop defending the launch towards them. Call things for what they are, and this is a shitshow.

‘Go play offline and there are no problems’… sure, but one small problem… I dont want to!
this game is sold with online, i want to play online. I buy a car with GPS ‘if the gps doesnt work, just use a map, and you wont have connection issues’… Some people are delusional.

And lastly, if EHG employees in discord start agreeing that people who keep being negative should just go away and make room for others, I hope this was a serious mistake and you didnt read it properly… not calling names because I cant believe the person was aware of what he agreed to.

But in EHG’s defence tho…

Some people are giving EHG a way to hard time for what they deserve. If anyone in their mind thinks this doesnt do shit to them you also are… delusional.

This game is awesome… the team is awesome… their CEO is awesome… their launch is shit. Shittalk the launch, not EHG. They are doing what they can im sure, and they already compensated… Give them a little break.

Not too much to say when it comes to defending EHG, but I love you guys and I’m sure within no time we are playing smooth af and all will be forgotten from my side atleast :slight_smile:

Back to loading screens! =D