Just returned after about a year hiatus and I have no characters

As per the title, I just started playing again after about a year away and I had no characters. Previously I had at least one of every base class except rogue because I don’t think it was available yet.

I asked about it in the in game help channel and people said that there was no character wipe and that old characters were stored locally on your PC, but I can’t find them. It’s not a huge big deal to recover them, but I’d like to recover them if possible.

Are you looking the character list for “online” play perhaps? Your old characters are only available for “offline” mode. They should all still be there. You can swap between offline and online character list at the top of the character screen on the right.

No, I haven’t even tried to play online yet. I went to offline first and the only character I have is the one I made a couple days ago.

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