Just lost all my keys and a entire stash tab

I was organizing my stash, when i created a new category and then i delete it, but it didnt go away and just appeared to be asthetic so i tried to create another category and both of them got linked somehow.

After that i tried deleting that stash category again, but it is still there and it appears that in the process the tab with all keys i farmed so far got deleted.

At least it didnt happen to any other category with more valuable items in it, but still i had a lot of keys in there and now iā€™m scared it end up happening again with other tabs.

The cost of buys a new stash tab didnt decreased as well btw

Link with a video showing whats happening now:

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I have this issue as well.
I could recover my items at least by clicking the Stash in the End of Time right after login. It showed all Items tabs in a longer line.
When you right-click one of the tabs and put them under a new category it should not disappear anymore.
You have to repeat this for each item tab.

Stash is still broken tho and creating a new category will weirdly link them

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Unfortunally it didnt work like that for me, my keys are still nowere to be seen. But i guess other people who have the same issue can try that.

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