Just frustrating!


I thought to myself finally a mega game, now the empowered blessings I finally have, was already grind enough.

Now I sit 3 days on a gear, I finally get it, off to the Sanctum and rolls it me the worst affix what was on it, again 3 days for nothing.

Also generally the Loot is just crap (yes I have a Loot filter).

I do not know if the game makes me so long fun when you step for days in place, Corruption I am now at 150, except that the enemies are stronger I do not notice much of the Loot.

Sad but the game makes you mad and you have no desire to play more.

That’s just one char, what if you want to play up all, then you have to invest easily 5000 hours if not even more.

That should be feedback but ne so you have no more motivation.

PS: Sorry text was translated by google :smiley:


I must admit, I’m also frustrated by the loot. Although somebody wrote that there is a slight bias towards the class you are playing, I don’t notice that at all. In fact, I wonder if that’s bugged and they have the wrong sign in the math, because the set and unique drops I get seem to actually avoid my primalist class. The ratio of uniques and set items I get dropped for other classes than mine is just out of proportion and frustrating. I’d rather get multiple rolls of uniques that are for my class, but not specifically for my build, so I at least can consider their rolls, legendary potential and rebuilding my character towards a different playstyle. But if I get pretty much only drops for a necromancer or fire mage, which I just don’t play, every unique and set drop for those is just an instant dismiss and disappointment. I’m so annoyed by this ratio, I’m no longer excited for uniques and set items, because at this point, I pretty much know they’re not useful in any way for my character. Really, if there IS a bias for drops towards the class you are playing as, that must be increased noticeably for uniques and set items.

Back then when Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls brought a loot system overhaul, they learned that being a bit more generous with the loot and its quality was the right call to make.


It’s just a waste of time…

I get “good” loot but all not for my class, somehow makes no sense currently.

Not even the increase of corruption brings somehow what.
It’s a never-ending grind that just isn’t fun if you can’t even get a little further in a few days.

At some point you do not even kills the enemies more and it still drop nothing.

Then you go to the Sanctum and get again only crap…

Yeah, I don’t even mean just the random unique and set drops you get by killing stuff, I’ve spent most of my gold in the Lightless Arbor to get a ton of set and unique drops. And I kid you not, about 90% were for other classes than mine.
Same thing with the soul gambler in the Soulfire Bastion, he just doesn’t give me anything I could use even theoretically for my character when it comes to uniques specifically.

How many months am I supposed to grind to find something I need with legendary potential?
I mean that literally, because getting a unique I want and need is a pain as it is, but then you gotta find it multiple times to have a good roll and legendary potential. If I barely can find anything for my class, it’s just way too much time investment to then even find something not only for my class, but also for my build and THEN with a good roll and legendary potential.
If it’s all just random picks of the entire damn pool of uniques and set items for ALL classes, that’s just absolute nonsense.

In my opinion, unique and set drops must have around a 50% ratio to be for your current class.

to long and i dosent make fun :confused:

You have not really talked about how you look for specific things.

But one of the common things across a lot of people that critique the loot is, that they expect “direct upgrades” to drop.

But in LE it is very rare, to get an immediate upgrade as a direct drop.
You are always expected to tinker with your “almost good” loot with hte crafting. Rerolling, removing, increasing affixes.

Do you already do that?

Corruption does not really massively impact the loot within the ehcoes themselves, it mainly increases the chance of more rare echo rewards (Like specific Unique/Set items, exalted items, Vessels etc.) spawn more frequently.

There is also a lot more nuances to the Monolith system that solely corruption.
With the right strategy 100 corruption can be more bountiful than 200 corruption.

Do you always try to go far out within the echo web? Or do you more spiral around the starting point?

The further away from the starting point an echo ist, the stronger the modifiers and the higher the chance to get rare echo rewards as well.

You play in empowered Monoliths and get gear upgrades every 3 days? Lucky you! When i was in the minmax stages I was happy when I got a item that might be good after crafting in ~100h ingame grinding. Get used to it because that’s the quintessential content stretch that is sold to you by EHG.

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Ne I finally found something after 3 days :slight_smile:

I go after this build:

Furthermore craften I have made as much as possible but if only crap dropt gibs also not much to craften.

Of course I always go far out in the echos.

“almost good” loot this is 4 affixes T6 (a good loot is 4 affixes T 7). Unfortunately, crafting practically does not allow you to interact with such items.

i dont even get a “good” base item where crafting would be worth it.

For example: Im level 100 and found ONE wand exalted what i need in over 100 hrs, thats a blame

This is probably only applicable for items that actually have a class requirement. Most gear/affixes in the game doesn’t have a class restriction.

There is absolutely no point in investing your time, you are not rewarded at all for the many hours.

Then you better invest your time in other games that feel like fun and not like WORK, because that’s how it feels.

If you don’t make any progress at all for days it’s just frustrating.

True, no restriction, but a clear intention told by the design, boni for class-specific abilities and the choice of stats.

As we already found out in a lot of other threads your definition of “endgame” or “good items” is vastly different (a lot higher) than for the average player.

On top of that, if an item has a T6 or T7 affix, that item is still very craftable, you can change all the other affixes on it, reroll the implicit, reroll the explicit values.

Even a 4 desired affix Rare item with T18-20 affix tiers is good already and will carry you through a large portion of the endgame.
And with “almsot good” I meant items that have 2-3 desired stats and 1-2 undesired stats or open prefixes, there are great if you do some crafting on them, this ahs nothing to do with exalted or not.

1150+ hours here.
I got about 20 items with 2 exalted affixes at most.
And about 10 items with an exalted affix and the base I need.

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Neither of those are practical to drop. 2x exalted affixes, with the right affixes on the right base is already prett rare.

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I was playing this dancing game, where you have to dance to advance in the game. And all the game would let me do is dance! There’s no fishing AT ALL! It’s so frustrating to have to dance in the dancing game, and not be able to fish.

p.s. replace “dancing game” with “loot hunt game” and “fish” with “get the exact items I need to upgrade my gear” …


Well, nice you also implemented a hint of how to understand your analogy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

4 T7 affixes on the same item is practically impossible. You probably have a better chance of winning the PowerBall. Stop telling people that multiple exalted affixes on the same item is what should be chased.

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Of course we shouldn’t!
LP4 nah, who needs them?
The best rolls? pffff…
legendary items? Yes, any one will do. Doesn’t fit the build? Is this really a game about it? Nah.

The game is about the fact that we must learn to enjoy what is given, and not what we need.