Just found a beer!

I’m currently playing my Mage, and instead of a Potion dropping off an enemy, it was called a Beer lol. Never saw this during my Void Knight leveling.


Ahhh I picked it up when I saw it cuz I thought it might do something special. If it drops again, I will! Lovin’ this game.

Hold my beer for a moment while I take care of this monster.


There it is! Lol so random.

Hope it was a cold one!

Anyone summon a companion with a special name yet? :slight_smile:

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What about skeletons called Sarno ?!

I summoned a wolf named River on my Shaman yesterday.

Speaking of which… Pets with unique names have 20% Increased Health and 20% Increased Damage. Is that a legit idea?

We won’t do that as it would make resummoning pets until you get one feel pseudo-mandatory.

It’s intended to just be a bit of fun.

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May their names could be mentioned in the flavor text of some pet-related uniques to tell some stories. :thinking:

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Wolf called Fenton. It literally ran off and aggro’d the entire map.

And a sabertooth called “Khaaaaaaaaaaan”

Nice touches :smiley:

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