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Just finished the lesser refuge/ the refuge did not receive passive points

Exactly like the title says:)

Windows 7

Both quests are marked as completed in quest log btw.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Suppose I’ll find out next character.

Just chiming in that this also just happened to me on my Acolyte and was about to report. At the time I had zero points to spend, quest completion claims a reward of 2 i believe, but no available points to spend.

Btw just started to play today, and have to say the alpha has been a blast thus far and I love your take on skill tree progression. Keep up the awesome work and good luck on the bug hunting!~ =)

Edit: Closer inspection shows that I had 2 skill tree points to spend for my first signature spell, uncertain if that was the reward and I misread. Figured I’d update

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Thank you for the report! We’re investigating this issue now.

Thanks for clarifying! This is unrelated to the completion of the two quests. :slight_smile:

Oh man, I’m so sorry.

I know you probably wouldn’t expect a member of staff to say anything other than this, but I’m very sorry at how many problems you’ve experienced - this honestly isn’t normal for us.

Our Lead Developer has identified the cause of this bug and fixed the problem. This fix will be included in a future update (though probably not the next hotfix we release). I am very sorry, but unfortunately we won’t be able to retroactively issue the quest reward to affected characters.

No need for apologies or anything of the sort! The game is in alpha moving to beta shortly, I had figured that bug hunting and reporting is really par for the course!

My overall experience has been extremely positive, I love the concepts behind the game and its systems. Perfect implementation takes time and people spotting these things. Much better we help find it now so the game can continue to evolve!

Anyway cheers and good luck tracking all these little kinks down! =)

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