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Just finished the Demo - Things I thought about during my run

First of all: a game running this well during PRE-ALPHA is refreshing. Can’t wait for the Kickstarter launch.

So, I’ll just add some things I thought while playing the Demo:

  1. The game is challenging from the beginning. Please don’t change this.

  2. Please don’t nerf (too much) Leap’s range. It’s so satisfying! :smiley:

  3. Zones a little too small for a aRPG. I’m not sure if the zones themselves are going to change too much, but they are very small in area. Casually exploring around, it took under 5 minutes to fully clear most areas (besides the final ones, as those are a lot harder than the other ones). That being said, I love the theme of the map.

  4. Ahuizotl’s (Underground Lake’s aqua-wolves) sound when spawning is too loud. It actually left my ears ringing because of how out of sync with the rest of the volume level it is.

  5. Maybe reduce the droprate of the shattering stones and upping the crafting chance? Not sure what to do here, but my inventory got (through 2 different playthroughs) completely filled with these.

Well I have a lot more to say (mostly positive feedback, because I’m actually amazed about how little bugs/problems I have experienced during a pre-alpha build), but I’ll keep playing the game to get a better understanding before talking about them.

Can’t wait for the new classes!



Thanks so much for trying out the demo and letting us know what you think!

I’m actually just logging off for the evening (11PM here), but to quickly comment on one of your points - in the release version of the game, it’s intended for Shattering Stones not to take up space in the inventory. That’s not to say that the current drop rate is perfect, just that at some point they’ll stop clogging up peoples’ inventories.

Thanks again!

Hey Guisasse. Zones in pre-alpha were created just for testing purposes, that’s why they are so small and straight :slight_smile:

Yeah, true. I kinda thought about that when I wrote about it, but I wasn’t so sure. I’m just stoked at how much fun I’m having on such an early build, so I wanted to give a bit of feedback to the Devs! If this is what’s going on at this stage of development, I can’t even imagine what this game will look like in the future!

True. The game is very promising.

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