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Just accidentally shattered an item I was crafting

I must have right clicked an item I was trying to add to the crafting table to shatter it, swapped the item with what I was wearing, and then placed said item I was wearing/crafting on the table to shatter.

This is alpha, I get it. No worries. But, I strongly suggest finding a way to help us avoid this. I had sunk 5 guardian glyphs into it and 8 shards. Was really happy with how the amulet was turning out. Pretty bummed.

I agree that its too easy to accidentally swap things out without noticing when crafting

Perhaps when the item being crafted is changed , the crafting ui would reset?

Personally if you ask me having crafting or shop windows open should disable swapping of equipped gear via right click.

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That works, Kotli. Somethin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear about your item. :frowning:

A couple of us have discussed this. We’ll probably make changes here, but our current focus is on the initial beta release. We already have a pretty firm idea of what will be included in that and we’re unlikely to have the time to add anything at this stage. I have referenced this on our internal issue tracker to prevent it from falling off our radar.

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