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June Development Update: The road to 0.9.0

It’s a lot easier to “pander” to them when that’s where you’re based & you want to have a single downtime/server restart at a time when your employees are awake. I agree that it would be good if the server downtime were scheduled at locally appropriate times. One the one hand that might be easier for EHG to do given the distributed nature of their employees, but on the other hand it doesn’t matter where the art/sound/animation/design/etc guys are located since they won’t have anything to do with it.

And googling the relative market sizes, the US ($95b) is much larger than the EU ($27b in 2020), though they could be using different classifications.

I fully understand the market size and convenience based on their location/active employee hours. But hitting the same group of people over and over again feels really bad.

Even working with a limited timeframe, it’d be nice to rotate it a little. Two hours earlier or later would make a big difference in terms of not hitting prime time.

Can you guys release longer multiplayer clips?

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Still true, MP changes nothing to the game core and content. Im waiting for them to get this mp thing over with, for new contents and mechanics.

Looking forward to the performance updates, maybe I’ll finely be able to play on my potato.

But you already can play games on a potato. I guess it works for LE, too.

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Can’t wait to try it! Good job guys! I wish you all the best. This game deserves to be a huge success.

MP party play will draw only a small part ,like any mainly solo H&S, but i think shifting the game towards authorized online services will lay the first steps in regards of leagues:

Leaderboards that matter now. No more more cheating of local save files.