Julra: Teleport after time shifting teleports me over to the edge of the arena instead, instant kill

What went wrong?
After using time shift to change the timeline in the Julra boss fight teleport sends me to the wrong location, instead of teleporting me to where my cursor was I was send to the edge of the arena, where the dimension tear dot can kill you instantly.
I guess this is an issue related to the game not updating the character position quickly enough and it may be not easy to reproduce.

Player.log (2.4 MB)

Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable


Or maybe another issue with Teleport which has some problems right now (plenty of bug posts and mentions in the dev blogs). Thanks for taking the time to post for the devs.

Could be, but I have a reason to believe this might not be only related to teleport but for the instance itself.

I think there are two boss rooms, the initial one (where I died) is up and the other one (where I went to avoid the explosion) is down.
You can see in https://imgur.com/a/l6dIMKD how playing as a swarmblade after I shift to avoid the explosions my minions go up and how I seem to have the same problem with dive as I have with teleport, but dive only travels a very short distance.

So I think teleport is trying to teleport me to the previous room, which is down and outside this room limits and therefore it only goes as far as the place where I died.

Yeah. All of this smacks of the client server sync issues that seem to plague most movement skills right now. Shift from Rogues and Lunge from Sentinel is also doing some WAY weird stuff right now… Warpath is also doing very odd things too… Thankfully the devs are aware of it - just dont know if they have figured a solution yet.

Be interesting to test this in Offline mode and see if the same thing happens - obviously if you have a sufficiently leveled char in your offline batch.

Personally am hoping for the patch in ~ 10 days time to properly put this to bed.

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