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Judicator builds? Fire or lightning?

Has anyone figured out a good build with The Judicator? It seems like the item wants you to use Javelin, Smite, and Judgement, so this is pushing me towards fire/ignite… but maybe there’s better support for lightning in the skill trees etc.?

Yep, currently leveling a paladin for it. I will try some stuff out.
Going holy trail javelin + lunge proc because of the spear base. Wanna add paranoia endgame helmet aswell so i can also use lunge on bosses like lagon and for better/saver clear in arena.
Im using judgement as aura around me for extra ST dmg but it almost forces me to play melee which i dont like when i use holy trail for range attacks.
I dont think that the smite procs are enough so i can see myself switching to volatile or sigils even though i dont want to play them.
Javelin-Judgement-Lunge-Smite-Holy Aura is the setup i wanna try for all the Judicator stats.
Probably Javelin-Lunge-Holy Aura-Volatile-Sigils will be the endresult…
I think Fire is the one you wanna focus around since you get fire pen from holy aura and fire dmg over time on helmet/body armour. The rest is healing effectiveness and ele dmg over time/dmg over time affixes for both lightning/fire