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Judgment Paladin 2.0, The RF Build Last Epoch Needs, Patch 8.4

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay + Planners + Loot Filter : Judgement Paladin 2.0, The RF Build Last Epoch Needs, Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.3 - YouTube

Timestamps :
00:00 - Intro
03:50 - Skill Rotation
04:53 - Judgement
07:30 - Reversal and Sigils
07:45 - Warpath
10:03 - Javelin
11:42 - Passives
15:04 - Gearing
20:31 - Monolith Gameplay
26:38 - Boss Kills

Build Summary :
So earlier this patch, after brainstorming with one of my moderators on my Discord, SixString, we finally managed to make a Judgement build kick some ass. We had ludicrous amounts of damage thanks to the old interaction of Shield Bash giving your next melee attack 200% more fire damage, which of course applied the the consecrated aura from Judgement as well. This interaction was very quickly hotfixed, and Judgement was changed to scale off of adaptive spell damage (which it should have been in the first place imo) and made it so the healing effectiveness scaling portion was giving us adaptive scaling as well. This almost by itself makes up for all the nerfs. But we aren’t done yet.

So Warpath was changed this patch too, as it had a whole rework to its tree. It now has support for this kind of build. It gives a flat 20% chance to block while spinning, which is absolutely nuts, and also has a healing component that scales off our healing effect. Rn currently I have like 600% healing effect, so this 30 flat healing we get is actually about 200 per second, which isn’t half bad. This on top of consecrated aura’s healing, is enough to keep up topped off 100% of the time. Both of these on top of having access to Wing’s Of Argentus is making us insanely tanky, while also being able to dish out the DPS.

And now for the real reason we use Warpath is, of course phasing. And stun immunity. So a few patches ago Warpath was given the ability to move through enemies, instead of getting body blocked by them, which was one of the most annoying things about the old judgement build, as it made clearing a slow and ardous process. Now we can zip through them, it makes it so much easier to clear confidently, being able to take on screens of Chapter 9 mobs without a sweat at 250+ corruption. The stun immunity is nice as it makes sure we are always moving for Wing’s Of Argentus.

Judgement’s AoE was also buffed, which was amusing because I asked if it was going to be nerfed at least buff the AoE so it doesn’t feel so bad to play in Mono’s and they answered my prayers. The AoE nodes inside judgement are now worth using, and to great effect.

We are also using a few unique items here. I will be giving a non unique focused version in the description, but be warned, having + levels to judgement feels amazing and hard to make up for. One unique I am not using here, but you could easily implement is called a Thorn Slinger. It gives +1 to physical skills, and since the base attack of judgement is physical it will give you a +1, so we could technically be +5 to judgement if we wanted. Its kind of amusing we finally get to use Rahyeh’s Light, as they added +1 to judgement for it a patch ago I believe. This on top of the +1 to melee fire skills from Wings of Argentus allows us to reach to a staggering +4 to Judgement, allowing us to not only take damage but QoL nodes too!


Edit : Forgot to put in the video link, ooopsies