Judgement's Holy War node seems to be not working

I can not tell if Deliverance is not proccing on Multistrike hit, or if there is not indictor for it on screen. When I unspec from the node, I am unable to tell the deference in mana regen.


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Not sure on your thread title vs your comment…

Deliverance will not proc on Multistrike… it procs on Judgement… i.e. you need to use judgement to get deliverance buff, then you would quickly need to use Vengance/Rive/Multistrike and hit an enemy to get the Holy War node mana back… Deliverance is a pretty short buff unless you max it.

Have you tried this on one of the enemy training dummies in the Arena area? This is likely the best place that you can test this… Testing it on the dummy in the end of time will not work because its not an enemy.

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