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Jormun's Wrath does not convert bleed to frostbite

When I allocate the Primalist’s Warcry’s effect Jormun’s Wrath that converts all sources of bleed to frostbite, check the character pane, and test on the target dummy, I am still doing bleed damage instead of frostbite damage. I have also checked whether elemental damage over time effects the DoT’s DPS on the target dummy- it does not.

This happens consistently on my character. I am on Windows 10 Pro.

DxDiag.txt (115.6 KB)

Player-prev.log (18.9 KB)

edit: I think I misunderstood the effect of Jormun’s Wrath. I expected it to convert all sources of bleed to frostbite globally, ie, all the time. I think the conversion does work when applying Warcry and last’s Warcry’s duration-- however the bleed VFX still appears on the target dummy. Also, the elemental DoT increased damage works during the duration of Warcry.