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Jerle's Feedback Thread

I just got to the ruins area in chapter B. While I like the general darker tones, I am finding that alot of areas feel too “samey” and the mobs often share similar colour scheme as the area and blend into the background. I dont really have a problem seeing the mobs but it does make the areas and monsters feel rather generic and bland even as I transit from zone to zone, like there is an overuse of purple (especially this), orange and grey hues.

Just wondering if anyone feels the same?

We do! :slight_smile:

We’ve been talking about better differentiating some zones, as well as having additional enemies which are creatures taken over by the Void, which fits story requirements while making things more visually distinct. Can’t offer an ETA for them just yet.

With regard to enemies and areas having similar palettes, this is somewhat more difficult to solve, though the above changes may help somewhat. We have been prototyping a few subtle changes to Void creatures to make them stand out more, but nothing’s final yet.

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Thanks Sarno! I see these as polish issues. So I am quite happy just hearing that this is something the dev team is looking to improve. More content first. Polish can come later :stuck_out_tongue:

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