Jelkhor's Blast Knife don't proc Veil of night

Hi everyone,

I’m testing this “Melee Detonating Arrow Marksman (Jelkhor’s) Build” : Melee Detonating Arrow Marksman (Jelkhor's) Build Guide (Beta 0.9.0) - Last Epoch Build Guides

It seems Veil of night bladedancer passive don’t proc with Detonating Arrow.
But reading both passive and Jelkhor’s description, it should be :
Veil of night : “When you use a melee attack and hit at least one enemy you have a chance to gain a stack of Dusk Shroud”
Jelkhor’s : “Detonating Arrow’s initial projectile is changed to a melee attack”

I notice the skill has “Lightning, Melee, Area, Dexterity” tags, but not “Attack”.

Is this a bug or I miss something ?

Thanks for help !

It’s working for me. Tested it again on the dummy real quick.

I confirm it works on the dummy …
Pretty weird I feel it doesn’t work on monsters. I will try to do more tests.
Thanks !

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