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Javelin hit box

Similar to the marksman, I feel as though the Sentinel Javelin skill could use a slightly larger hit box. Maybe 10%? Uncertain.


Add a passive to increase its size or combine it into a current passive. That or just increase its size by a little bit as it just seem pretty tiny.

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I just find it a misstep since EHG knew, and had to fix, various bow skills and hammer throw. I don’t know how this one was missed.

I hope for a bigger baseline hitbox. The tree has multiple distinct identities that are point-starved already.

Because they hada lot of #### to do (I presume).

Javelin had the same treatment as the bow skills with more effective hit box against enemies. But it sounds like it is still too thin.

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Also the axe thrower node in the sentinel tree didn’t seem to be proc’n when I was trying it on the target dummy. It says “on hit” so I’m not sure if this is intended or not. May just be a dummy bug since I didn’t try it in monos.

That’s 'cause the dummy isn’t an enemy. Axe Thrower throws an axe at an enemy.

Axe thrower now works and throws it at “nearest enemy” (it didn’t use to pre-patch - it used to throw it in direction you were facing).

The Dummy “isn’t an enemy”. If you go test it on actual mobs it works now.

Okie figured that might be the case. Guess I’ll have to try it again in monos.