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Javelin echo meaning

Hey there,

Battle standard says: ‘if javelin would echo it instead throws down a javelin similiar to the siege barrier node…’
What does echo mean here and how can I trigger it. Would be funny to still cast sometimes spike bombardment even with the battle standart node.

Echo is something that a Void Knight can do… It echos your attacks… So if you had a Void Knight throwing a Javelin with the Battle Standard node, thats what it means.

Edit: Text from Void Knight mastery - default interaction of echo.

Your melee attacks, throwing attacks and void spells have a 10% chance to be repeated by an echo 0.5s later (excludes movement abilities and Anomaly).

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Ahh alright, but does this mean void knight can still rain down those javelins, or is it still just one javelin?

Never specifically tested it myself, but from the wording I would assume a single Javelin would be echoed from above like the Siege Barrage node describes…

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Yeah seems more logical…thanks