Javelin build?

I haven’t seen anything recently, but is there a viable end game javelin build? I am fairly new to the game and am currently running a Warpath VK that is doing well so far. Haven’t made it to T4 Julra or empowered monoliths however. Just looking for options :blush:

Crit Javelin, Ailment Javelin and Holy Trail Javelin are still viable builds in 0.8.5 for endgame content.
There are versions from Perrythepig (Holy Trail), Lizard_IRL (Electrify Javelin), FoE (Crit), and Amarathy (Javelin+Smite) on youtube.
The crit versions are from 0.8.3, mechanically they still work as before. You only need to change the Polearm that FoE used to a Rune Dagger+Shield combo to get Base Crit Chance back.
Other than that there havent been too many changes.

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All Triksters suggestions are good. If you like filling your screen with a sparkly rain of death bolts then my favourite is LizardIRLs Electrify Javelin. Just be sure to be flexible in the build to address any issues you may have .e.g. mana management etc.

As you are new, I would also suggest lastepochtools.com for guides, build planner and other game information. Although, I dont recommend following guides too closely if you have only just started the game - its better to learn a little first on your own. Imho obviously.

So, why don’t the Javelin builds use Tu’Rani’s Bident? Wouldn’t that be the best for it, or is it because the build needs more defense?

well, its one of those uniques that seems great on paper but in reality there is a better solution.

Most of the unique affixes can be gotten in the skill tree with very little effort (especially if you get some +skill affixes) and when you min/max at a higher /end-game level playing the different build needs against each other then you realise that Turanis just doesnt cut it when compared to the other options - e.g. its offensive boost isnt needed compared to improving defence (a key part of LE - defence is hard/offense is easy) - killing something in in one second vs two doesnt make that much difference, but being tanky can be very noticeable.

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