Javalin's Divine Fury not working

Divine Fury Javalin is not hitting certain targets. Sometimes it works fine and then once in awhile it just wont hit anything for a bit. When it happens every 30 seconds or so, it looks like it is hitting an invisible wall or just not registering hits. Added video stream link: 2023-10-20 19-26-12

Before I put a point into divine fury, Javalin was working fine. After the point, and even after a second point into Divine Fury, it acts like this every 30 seconds or so. Also it can’t hit the Exiled Mage at all, not possible to hit him, fought him twice with the same result.

Divine Fury is bugged for me too. In my experience, it is large enemies that are the issue. Once I find a new pack of small enemies, I can usually get it to start hitting again. Particularly bad on Abomination.