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Janky Necromancer build help

I enjoy making suboptimal builds and seeing how far they will take me. This build was based on the idea that I didn’t want to have to resummon any minions any more frequently than I absolutely needed to, so the focus has been entirely on making them as tanky as possible… and that has worked out pretty well so far. They rarely ever die. In fact, I am a lot squishier than they are and when I respawn I usually don’t have to resummon any of them.

I’d like to really push this idea, but I am struggling with gearing. I fully realize that the build is probably being pulled in too many different directions, but I was hoping someone with a better eye for these things could have a look and maybe offer some advice.

The build plays as follows: 5 cryomancer mages, 4 skeleton warriors, 1 bone golem, and typically 3 skeleton vanguards from a bone curse node. Cast bone curse, then spam rip blood to give my minions the blood spatter buff. It’s slow, but I’m enjoying it.

Here’s a link to the build

I’m working through level 75 monoliths right now and not having in trouble (besides being slow, which I don’t mind). I’ve only managed to get to the 60’s in the arena, mostly because I end up eating hits I should’ve avoided, but also because my defenses aren’t great.

Just to reiterate, this build is composed of jank. I’m not expecting it to get me 500 waves in the arena or anything, just looking to tune it up a bit.

Thoughts are appreciated!