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Jagged Arrows doubt

Hi, I have a doubt about how Jade Quiver works. You gain up 4 stack Jade Arrows, and Jade Arrows hability says that you spent one of them in the next bow attack and you gain critical multiplier but if I am channeling Flurry with multishot, this apply while I am channeling it or just the first hit of flurry? When I use Punture for example it expend one stack each hit.

Sorry if this is so basic, I am new here.

A channelled skill would consume 1 Jade Arrow & you’d have the buff for the entire duration you channel. I wouldn’t expect a proc’d skill (Multishot in this example) to consume a Jade Arrow but I’ve not tested & I’m not entirely sure if it would inherit the buff from the channelled Flurry, though I’d be inclined to think not.

Thanks for the answer. The point is that if it applies to both, Flurry channeling time and Multishot, it is worth to spend points in it but if not and prefer spend them in other skills. I think it would do it because Jagged Arrows says “per attack” and this is one mouse click for me. I have tryied to test it but the game stats don’t show everything and I don’t know how to test it.

Sorry for my english.

Proc’d skills don’t consume Elemental Arrows so I don’t think that they’d consume Jade Arrows either.