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Jabbafunk's 0.8.4 PURE LIGHTNING BLAST - Sorcery Supremacy

Hey guys, I finally finished my Lightning Blast build.

I’ve been pushing this build for awhile now, really been trying to gear up to see what is the extent of it. I recently broke a lot of walls in terms of scaling and I’m really happy to finally be able to put it together.

I’ve put the build together in a google doc that you can find here:

Here’s a video for DPS check: Jabbafunk's Lightning Blast Dummy Test. - YouTube

T4 Julra 1:23: T4 Julra 1:23 - Jabbafunk's Lightning Blast - YouTube

Will edit in the future to add more things e.g videos etc.


Very well put together, thanks for all the detail. Did you use any specific loot filter? Or did I miss it?

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Great guide, and top DPS without going DoT supremacy. Great work.

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Mh, I have to admit I expected some more dps-wise. The Julra kill is slower compared to my cold frostbite sorc. I thought lightning shines at single target burst dps.

But I have to take the time to look at all the details.

Nevertheless, thanks for bringing this to us and sharing your experiences!

With all due respect, your sorc does dot build and almost every dot build do really well wtih bosses like these. I don’t think its comparable in terms of context. If you want to make it fair, then do a crit cold build and see if it matches.

Don’t understand me wrong. It is a great build. Just expected different boss speed.

But I think the comparison should not be DoT vs hit vs crit vs … but only bossing vs clearing vs speed vs survivability vs …

Mostly players will choose builds depending on playstyle and not about how it does its damage. While DoT builds often have a ramp up and thus are inferior at clearing but superior at bossing this must not be always true.

I expect your build will be far faster for clearing but to be fair I don’t have the time at the moment to watch all videos.

Although I have some questions. Did you or someone else pushed corruption? I think you said so. Can you say which modifiers or enemies are hard or at some point get impossible for this build? I expect that every build will encounter different challenges at the end.


Yeah of course, this build has always been about fast mono clear and probably the most efficient clear too. I personally just came back into the game 2 weeks ago, after 6 month hiatus.

I expect this build to scale like a monster once they release more uniques. I think cold dot is great right now with the existence of new items, but to be honest with better gear eventually I’ll be able to hit sub 1 min for Julra, and I think for crit build that’s really fucking good.

**extra note: Since Orian’s Eye fully converts its damage to fire, Prism wraps has an interaction with its 30% less elemental damage taken, meaning that along with Orian’s Eye 15% less fire damage taken and Lightning Aegis which also provides 25% less damage taken, that equals in 70% less damage taken for fire specifically and 55% for cold & lightning.

All less damage taken is multiplicative not additive.
So with 15% less, 30% less and 25% less fire damage taken you do not end at 70% reduce but at 0,85 * 0,7 * 0,75 damage taken = ~ 45% fire damage taken = 55% reduce.

€dit: Your welcome :slight_smile: a pitty its not additve :frowning:
And Hybria now can read the calculator … never trust something thats not excel …

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thanks for the correction, will include.

So I helped to put this guide together and tweaked the build a little. I think it’s worth noting that the best interaction on this build is with the Twisted Heart making giving it a lot of survivability. I used to run the Nova version and really struggled with T4 Julra, only killing her once, but now with all the ward granted, I sponge a lot of her abilities, like the cold cone, seekers, lightning balls, so I can just stand still in the beams and shift when needed.

The damage relies only on hits, rather than hits and then DoTs afterwards so when repositioning or shifting, we aren’t getting damage for free like DoTs do. It’s a playstyle and preference thing, but I hope that Lightning gets some love like Cold did with Frostbite to help bring it up to where DoTs are because they are the supreme boss killing playstyle at the moment.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The item is amazing. Using it since its introduction and always thought is was very underrated. Many people used Ward mostly with the low life uniques or for spellblade / necromancer.

Together with good life return this unique essential grants some sort of overleech which is just amazing. It also makes potions useful again while walking over them.

Well, if you want some semblance of balance, “should” be true. You spend most of the time clearing maps, so, for a pure performance view, instant damage is superior.

Then bosses could be problem, even the end the journey (HC), DoT here shines, as you can move and still get damage, plus clear is faster overall.

You will for sure see much bigger hits in instant damage, but not at that rapid succession, so de DPS is really top tier.

BTW same is ranged vs melee, but for some reason devs (in general) lately doesn’t reflect it properly, melee is always more risk and should be somehow rewarded, seems the high rotation ability and the usually bigger sustain is enough for them :frowning:

I was about to correct you on that…

Thank you so much for the feedback, we were theorycrafting some more earlier and I thought of a way to use Static Orb, not just to give us Lightning Aegis, but also to actually deal damage too. So, now we use Charged Ground to grant 100% Shock Chance and Shock Effectiveness which has been huge, 50k more damage on the dummy and has sped up bossing a lot.

It also helps with clear too since it deals damage by itself and we use Atomic Manipulation now to give us back mana. Since it’s a 40+ cost spell now, I’m testing putting points into Afterglow on the tree too.

Planner and guide should be updated soon with these changes! :slight_smile:

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Just updated bunch of stuff today. Definitely check it out.

Would be happy if you can add a video of a sequence of echoes at 300+ corruption. If th build promises to have a super fast clear speed I would really like to see this as well and not only dummy or boss dps.

Eventually maybe, personally I’m just grinding for some break out gear. Unfriendly who’s also a pure lightning blast player with similar build like mine (albeit very different gearing, minus the Twisted Heart) is at 700+ corruption and while I really hate using someone else’s build to prove my point, it’s definitely very useful.

I’ll look to post a run or maybe someone like @Syrmah can do it.

LE Noob/Newbie here, and i have some questions regarding the build:

  1. Whats the point of Afterglow if we never use skills that cost enough mana, and even if we did, 10% dmg doesnt seem that worth?
  2. I am < lvl 80, so is there any Passive i need to take over others, or some that are more of a luxury?
  3. Since Stormtide is not in the planner, is it worth going for it early, or would it be better to have boots with better defensive stats? Same thing for the rings, because it seems to be kinda difficult to have good defensive stats with both ring slots and boots blocked by unique/set items

Stormtide isnt on the planner because it’s currently using my planner, which is the endgame gear.

As the guide mentions, it’s only worth it at above 2LP, and if it is at 2LP, it needs to retain stats that are important to it.

Currently this build actually does 300 mana without both Empowered Lagon’s Grand Blessing (mana) or Orian’s Eye, which means that you can obtain % chance to shred lightning resistance from Lagon instead.

It can be difficult yes, but your best bet is to craft really decent belt and boots for hp. You can choose to craft one ring with some defensive stats. The rest of the resistances should be obtained through blessings.

Just got updated again, fairly big changes.

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