I've stopped playing until there are some fixes

I see a few pretty bad bugs (which affect even offline mode) which make me take a pause on playing.

  1. Can’t make a new character, since they get stuck in the starter zone and can’t leave.
  2. Weaver’s Will breaking your resistances or not working.
  3. Skill points not being awarded on level up.

And a few other bugs. I’m not blaming EHG here, so this isn’t a complaint post at all. I accept this is Beta, and this is like, day 2 of a new major patch. This ain’t my first rodeo, I know what the first week after patches is like for video games.

But this is the first time the bugs seem bad enough for me to not risk my characters until some fixes drop.

You might be waiting a ‘while’. You’re talking about a company that is on their way to releasing a 1.0 with 50% of abilities not able to hit Lagon, a campaign boss.

  1. Did you try it again? The problems were solved quite fast.
  2. This was fixed in a patch.
  3. Saw the community manager say that this was happening because of change how skill points were rewarded and if you just lvl up a few times it should go back to normal.

Really? #3 hasn’t happened in years after they reworked the skill xp requirements for levels.

Well I did see someone talk about it in discord just on monday or was it sunday?