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I've Just Discovered Last Epoch

What’s up everyone!

I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself to the community, I usually don’t do this, but I am very excited to try out Last Epoch and from what I’ve seen and read so far, the Development team has a good head on their shoulders, and I can tell this is a passion project for them.

I’ll be honest, I never really played these types of games until recently and I’m absolutely hooked. I’ve done some research and the ones I’ve found were either too complex for me to grasp or too imbalanced with pay to win aspects in it, so after reading that this game is going to stay away from that it immediately caught my eye. I haven’t purchased this game yet because I’m super ultra-limited on money (being disabled sucks btw), but that gives me plenty of time to learn more about the game until I am able to pick it up! I’m most excited for the Wizard Class, I love shooting beams and destroying mobs, it’s so much fun.

I heard there isn’t multiplayer at the moment, so I was wondering how the character data is stored? Is it all local or is that part saved on their end? I love to grind and farm loot, but I’d like for it to be saved online, if possible, in case I play from a different computer one day. What type of Multiplayer will there be?

Currently it’s all saved locally but the devs have just announced 0.9.0 which is when they let everybody else on to MP, there isn’t a date for it yet but it’s unlikely to be before September. When MP is launched then the MP side of things will be server-authoritative (the server checks what your client is telling it & the server trusts itself over the client if there’s any difference of “opinion”) & the MP saves will be on their servers but the Offline characters will remain saved on your pc.

Oh ok, so I’m not too late to the party then, because I’d rather play online with friends and meet new people also, so this is great news for me!

Hot News!

LE currently is 20% off on STEAM

And Welcome here :v:

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I’ve heard about it a year ago from my buddy but it didn’t have multiplayer. He showed me the latest news announcement and I am hyped and so ready to buy! Can’t wait. A lot of people like me as well


Hell yeah I’m very excited too! The gameplay looks amazing but the whole multiplayer aspect is a very big deal for me cause I’d like to play with other people not just by myself.