It's your own fault for gamers leaving the game

Why did you let all the youtubers and streamers get all the best loot in the beginning, then they left the game for other games and now you can never get more than 1 lp or 2 in dungeon 4 or monolith 500+ coz you nerfed it to the ground.
I can understand why gamers left the game due to no loot and endless grinding and never progressing.
Not everyone can play 24/7, but it is probably the largest part of the players who have bought the game, who play casual


They didn’t, most of them were playing offline which doesn’t count. Those that weren’t are just better at speed running to higher difficulties/corruption/etc where they can get to higher MG rank more quickly.

Nope, that’s not why. It’s a thing called RNG. Can you point out where in the patch notes where they nerfed the loot drops?

Indeed, but if you play more then you’ll get more fasterer, this is how time commitment to games works.

ARPGs that use the seasonal model always have player counts drop at some point after a season starts, this is normal. Now, LE’s case, they didn’t actually add any end-game content with 1.0 so the majority of players who’ve had the game for a while (or at least since MP in 0.9) played the new masteries, did the same dungeons & monos that they’ve been doing for months-years & then got bored & moved to other games. When 1.1 drops most of them will come back since that actually is some new content (Harbingers & Pinnacle bosses). 1.2, I would imagine, would probably bring more people back since that apepars to have more actual stuff in it (unless Pinnacle bosses interest you). 1.3 should be even moar betterer since that has some mono stuff in it, ditto for 1.4.

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Sure, that’s a possibility.

Or maybe “most of them” moved on and don’t care about Last Epoch anymore.

We will see when 1.1 and 1.2 arrive.

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I’ve changed my mind. This is now the hottest take on the forums.


Wasnt there a 30% global drop rate nerf in 1.0 patch notes?

I do agree that it does come down to RNG for drops.

I also do agree with nothing really new end game wise. This i would say is a big reason why the numbers fell in 1.0 like they did. As one thats been playing since 2019 i can easily see this

I sure as hell will be back for 1.1 Pinnacle boss system. And cant wait to see what EHG has come up with for it

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He was replying to the OP’s (false) assumption that at 1.0 launch streamers had improved drops and that shortly after everyone had a drop rate nerf.
Just another tinfoil-hattery. I’m actually surprised they didn’t mention tencent.


There is legit reason people may think streamers got better drops as there is a setting in game for streamer mode that legit teases people that streamer mode does not improve drops. I have 70K hours in pc games and i never seen such a thing. So yes it will anger people and angry people tend to believe in conspiracy theories. For all we know, the most silly and bad ideas in recent gaming comes from publilishers, would not surprise me one bit if tencent did in fact come up with the idea.

On the OPs comment. There was a nerf pre release to accomidate for cof launch. Is it 30% or not is iust us taking it at the devs word. That number could differ a lot. Game is full of bugs. All we know it could be -300% instead of 30% cause some ome fat fingerd it. These are the same people who thought the bees where a good idea and took almost a week [servers]to fix a problem with the resources of 100,000 employes.

Edit: number was out of date

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Ah my bad been a long freaking day at work brain isnt work right lmao


Finally, someone speaks the truth!
Good to see a few members of our weakening human race still think straight!

It is all rather obvious if you look at the facts, really…
Around the end of December, there were days/weeks with little to none communication from the devs. Of course, if we ask them, they will try to sideblind us with weak excuses like family holidays and other nonsense, but anyone with a brain can clearly see the truth:
Judd, Mike, and other senior EHG executives have all been abducted and replaced by alien clones.
Their goal? Sneakily reduce the drop rates, make the grind endless and mind-numbing, to make way for a complete takeover of the human civilisation once we are mentally weakened enough.

Thankfully, we might still be saved by some rare heroes who see through all the lies, like the OP and WeAreViledNation!
Keep it up, boys, the future depends on you!


What the hell does family and other nonsense have to do with this???

Dude these devs are human holy crap

Devs deserve family time and vacations

Streamers in this game dont have better drops just cuz they are Streamers. The more time u put into a game like this the better ur odds of getting what u want are.

Show me this proof… Streamers spend absurd amounts of time in a game like this ur average player doesnt

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… Your kidding right? Right? Dude, read his post again. He talks about people getting swaped out by aliens to reduce trop rates in a videogame.

I cant tell if you are been here for to long or are completely new to the Internet. Better get off for today my guy, its not getting better in recognizeing Trolls. Never have i seen someone fall for such an obvious trap in my life.


I mean, if we consider that everyone can simply turn it on, that’s even stupider. If there was a hidden bonus to streamers (there isn’t) it wouldn’t be in the settings page where everyone can turn it on.

It would surprise me a lot if EHG every did it, though. It would also surprise me a lot if tencent had any say in the game design.
It’s just another tinfoil conspiracy theory.

Are you maybe using a different numerical notation? In Portugal the decimal separator is a comma, so maybe that’s what you’re using. In which case, you’re right. They do have the resources of 100 people.

I guess it’s really been a long day and you don’t even recognize sarcasm. :laughing:
Go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day to read up on wild conspiracy theories.


That’s generally not how it works.

I’d expect 1.1 to have a lower peak than 1.0 but that’s about it.

By hottest, do you mean least in touch with reality?

Yes, but that was for everybody & took effect with 1.0. I thought the OP meant subsequent nerfs or nerfs to just MG faction.

Stupid people also believe in conspiracies. Some people also believed that streamers were being let in to the servers to play despite it being obvious that they were playing offline (Mathil even had a comment on screen that he was playing offline & people still asked how he was able to play).

No, there was a nerf at launch & it was to because of MG, not CoF.

Well, they would know, having done it & having access to the data. If you don’t believe them then you know what I’ve jsut said about people who believe conspiracy theories?

While fat fingering is a thing, do I really have to go through the maths as to why it can’t possibly be -300%?

Yes, lots of your numbers are wrong, not “out of date”.

It’s called sarcasm. You’ve clearly not recovered from work, so perhaps try a nice hot bath to relax in or maybe your preferred alcoholic beverage of choice?


An interesting statement, considering how vague it is.

“Lower peak” as in a couple thousand people less, or “lower peak” as in at most a fourth of players returning?

I’m with @BroncoCollider.


Personally, I didn’t leave the game because of streamers.

I left because I beat my head against a wall trying to create better pieces of gear after 350 hours to NEVER succeed. Not ONCE. I failed EVERY time I beat Jura and tried to mash traits.

I factored in that all this failure happened AFTER 350 hours invested and decided that it was better for my mental health to move on. So I moved on. I love this game and will come back to it and I think the devs have a lot of GREAT ideas. I also have to respect my time; in life in general.

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I don’t know, I don’t have enough data (this being the second “post launch” season) & I’ve never cared to do any form of analysis on player retention over multiple seasons in an aRPG. I’m also not sure what data is available covering the early life of a season-base aRPG exists, PoE has/had their own launcher so I’m not sure how comparable the steamcharts data is for that period, plus it was f2p which is a big difference.

I hope that the 1.1 peak will at the higher end of the scale, while growth would be great, IMO, I just don’t see that happening until 1.2 or more likely 1.3 since they should have actual endgame content (Primal Hunts, whatever they are in 1.2 & expansion of the Monos in 1.3).


Considering that 1.0 brought a lot of casual players with the hype and that the majority of those only play the campaign, I expect those won’t return to 1.1 or most likely ever. This happens in every single game of the genre.
If EHG releases some hot new stuff in a new cycle, we might get a new surge of players, but pinnacle bosses doesn’t seem likely to attract many casuals, so I expect most of the returning players will be those that are regular ARPG players that will join in in between other seasons (D4’s and PoE’s mostly).

As such, my prediction for 1.1 is about 100-150k. I hope it’s more but I have reservations about it.
Likewise, I expect that we’ll see these numbers drop fast like they did in 1.1, once players go through the new content, unless that content is really engaging for endgame. We’ll see, though by its very nature, pinnacle bosses aren’t appealing to the majority.

I think that only when we get more endgame expansions will we see a higher rate of players coming back and staying. Until then, most players that return will stick around for a couple or weeks or a month and then move on to the game in their list, only to return in 1.2, etc.

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That’s 20 years of gaming daily for 10 hours.

How old are you? Mid-twenties?

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So what you’re saying is, may potentially not have gone to school.