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It's possible to keep Abomination, Wraith and Revenant alive?

Hi, I searched about, but all topics are from 2021 and the game changed how temporary minions work, I’m trying to keep Abomination and Wraiths (Also Revenant) alive without the “permanent” node from respective skills. I like to play with many minion as possible, quantity over quality, but I’m having a bad time keeping those alive.

My questions are more about if there’s a unique item that helps or if the decay stops at some value like: “Decay starts at 1 HP and go until 200 and stop” or go on until they are dead?

Ultimately no, there is no way to keep the temporary Acolyte minions alive indefinitely without the nodes that have that function. They all have a health drain that accelerates so while increased minion hp, minion health regen and minion leech can help keep them alive for longer, nothing will keep them alive indefinitely.

I believe the health drain value was asked on discord recently and it’s ~1.7 hp per second per second (so after 2s they’ll be loosing 3.4 hp/sec, then 5.2/sec, etc).

That’s sad, I started to play this game because of this video:

Hopes for the future updates bring a way to create an entire army.

Yeah, it’s changed since then. Though the decay was still a thing back then as well.

Interactions like that were the reason why they changed and reworked a lot of the mechanics that were involved.

This will not come back for sure.

Thanks everyone, I’ll try at least keep the Abomination alive as much as possible, I really liked that mechanic.