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It's love because I want to love you!

There are few games to come up the slope after having a bad rating on steam.
And those who arrive there, do not come out indefinitely

You really need to prioritize and put your energy on:

  • Graphics Engine = SLOW DOWN FINISH! This is unforgivable nowadays, it’s a shot to finish in Free to play this kind of mistakes!
  • Graphic rendering = everything is dull, bland, sad.
    -work every ACT as if you wanted it to be FINISHED, we clearly prefer a beautiful thing on an 1 act that 10 act worthy of a portable game.

I was very very surprised to see that your priority was to make progress on the history of the game (act) while there is a lot of things to do before.

personally I do not care even if the story stops at act 4, 3 2 or even 1, if this act seems FINISH, beautiful, clean, detailed.
If the game turns out well!

Google translate


The Game Awards winner 2018: an independent studio of 8 developers.
Why ?

In the video (in French) isl explain how a small team of 8 French devellopeurs have managed to win against AAA of more than one million devellopement.

Their secret?
-Exchange with the community, all the time!
-preferred provide 1 ACT worked, that 4 act ugly. (You think I’m lying? It’s in the video)
-Exchange with the community
-Exchange with the community
-Exchange with the community, have I already said?

The game worked so well, although it was not finished at beta, that it made 500 positive comments on the first day in steam.
Because even if it was not finished, what was implanted was worked, beautiful, Detailed, think.

The main thing I got from reading this: Google translation really sucks. I am gettting a headache from reading this.
Please stop saying we, as if you represent all LE players.
And you are surprised that they are focusing on finishing content before polishing the game? What? Their priorities are just fine, their graphics engine just needs optimization. It’s already running way better than before, there is definitely progress. It’s a beta, it’s not supposed to be finished. Go play Wolcen if you want shiny graphics and no story (if that is the point that you were trying to make about the story, here’s where google translate really screwed the pooch).
While writing my comment you added some shit, I already regret replying before hitting the button.

You have your opinion, and I respect it.
The translation does not emphasize my thoughts. I only want LE goodness.
I think what I wrote, he must prioritize his energy on the graphics engine BEFORE EVERYTHING.

Just allow me to express myself without having to ask permission.

We do sincerely appreciate the feedback.

Please understand that different members of the team work on different things - I love our lead developer, but nobody wants him creating character animations, just as nobody wants our concept artist to be trying to optimize the performance of damage over time effects.

We absolutely recognize that the game has a long way to go in terms of optimization - we acknowledge this, we take it seriously, and there are improvements coming. However please do forgive us if we also work on other things - I really don’t think the community will benefit from us not letting other staff do their jobs until framerates have improved.

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I know you are a small team, I do not blame you, believe me, it is difficult for google to translate the kindness of my words.

ALL (except 1) the negative opinions of steam speak of this: The graphic engine. So even if you will hate me, even if I have to be the “ugly hater of the forum”, by benevolence I can only incense: Put the package on this point!

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