It's Been A Wild Ride

I’m finally done with my five characters. I started leveling like a madman back when 0.9 first hit back in March, and since then I’ve racked up 600 hours almost exactly, as an experiment for how long it would take. Since I didn’t like how my Primalist turned out, I leveled a second one, so the only class I haven’t played to 100 yet is Mage. I’m not sure I’ll get around to it this year since my life is much busier now than when I started. That and I’m clean out of storage space. It’d take me another 630k to buy my next tab. Plus, I hate leveling without picking much stuff up, so this is where I’ll stop for a good long break. Maybe I’ll be back when 1.0 finally drops.

However, this won’t be the end of me around here: I wanted to let you know, I did actually pick up every Unique and Set item I got the entire way through this process, plus I kept as many of the Exalted and Idol drops as I could without losing my mind. I also did this without ever increasing Corruption and I only played Arena once just to see what it was like. I plan on creating a full report of what dropped just for everybody’s curiosity’s sake, as well as providing a little data on what the overall drops looked like. I realize some of the drop rates probably changed across patches, but if the changes weren’t too dramatic then this should still be pretty interesting data.

Anyhow, expect that to drop sometime in the next week or two. That and I guess if anybody invites me to play multiplayer, I’ll be back here and there. Feel free to hit me up. Later, folks.