Items size in bags/stash

Would it be possible to make all items size in bags/stash to be the same? Ideally with each taking one cell, but I am willing to compromise to two cells per item. Then some sort of sorting would be great too.

I would pay for those two features!

I hated this in D4 and hope they don’t do it.


What about it did you hate? What’s the rationale to finding the current way better? The way I propose it will fit more items on your bags/stash. They will also be neatly organised, not just all over the place, with one having to play Tetris to conserve space.

+1 makes the entire feeling of finding loot absolutely feelingless, a key isn’t supposed to be the same size as a body armor.


I disagree, but respect your way of thinking. In a game most of things are not supposed to be the way they are. It is a game, with invented and fantastic things. Keys can be as big as you imagine them to be. :joy:

Having an item take three cells horizontally, other take three cells vertically, other taking four cells, and other taking one is messy, and painful (I am not generalising, it is simply my point of view). It is one of the things I hate about PoE—mentioning this just to show it is not just a LE thing.

Inventory,stash tetris is one of definitions of classic arpg games. Please do not remove it.


I am glad we can have different opinions on it, its a nice discussion to have, i can see your point and it would make stash management easier indeed. But i just disagree, i think atleast for me this give me some weird feeling when finding items, i feel a difference in them, and i D4 i don’t really. :smiley:

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Exactly! That feeling of uncertainty, adrenaline and thinking ahead where to put the item. It’s kind of like putting other things in other places…you don’t know if you’ll fit and how it will feel but in the end it’s incredibly beautiful and gives you a dopamine rush.

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The only thing I would ask is to add another row in stash. Whoever designed the size of the stash is a bit of a jerk.

Its about ui costumization. Ui and windows opened in game are static. There was lot forum posts about that. And i guess they will bring it up in 1.1 because they said they will came with quality of life updates

They are actually going to do something about it? LOL

That’s a pleasant surprise actually.

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I hate that it removes significant visual flavor from items. I hate that it makes my inventory look like a boring Excel spreadsheet instead of a fun chaotic backpack that I haphazardly shoved my loot into. I hate that it makes distinguishing between item types at a glance more opaque. I hate that it’s simplistic and generic without having a good reason to be. And I broadly hate the sacrifice of variety and diversity at the altar of fetishized “efficiency”.

The stash already has a sort button that solves 99% of organization problems and a nearly infinite ability to expand it with more tabs that solves 100% of capacity problems for anyone that isn’t a psychopath.

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Ye exactly this is not D4… there is not only stash tabs but seventh stash tab and more dont break servers and do not burn out your pc.

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