Items (seemingly) duped with sort function


i noticed a bug related to the “sort” function in the stash.


The “sort” function in the stash has a little delay.
If you click “sort”, then quickly switch to another tab and put items from that tab in your inventory, those items at first seem to be duplicated in the stash at their original position.

This happened to me while playing on high ping (makes the sort delay longer up to several seconds).

Tested this again on low ping.
The delay on low ping for me is less than a second but it’s also doable to reproduce the bug.

I then did some further testing:

These “duplicated” items can be put into the inventory and can also be equipped.

However, those items:

-don’t give stats when equipped
-don’t give shards when salvaged
-disappear from stash when switching zones
-disappear from inventory when switching zones
-disappear from equipped state when switching zones
-disappear when thrown on the ground
-duped keys can’t be used to open a dungeon

So it seems to me the duped items are not actually duped, which makes this not gamebreaking.
Still may want to investigate this though.


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