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Items mirrored from another character (main character items vanished)

So there was a very odd series of events that just happened, resulting in mirrored items from character to character and loss of all of one of my character’s items.

I was leveling my character ‘HCPractice’ and rolling through the arena after the story. When I was high enough to learn the passive skills ‘DarkGuard’ in the Lich tree I took those points and played for a handful of more levels. Now I started to realize that I was not getting any ward at all from ‘Darkguard’ when I crit. This was easily tested on my character as all other ward generation was tied to having mark of death on the target when I hit them. If I did not cast Mark of death I would gain 0 ward, meanwhile I would be critically striking hundreds of mobs.

Now I decided to log out and back in and see if the DarkGuard would begin working. When I had my character, “HCPractice” selected and clicked ‘enter game’ I didn’t actually load into the game. Instead, the in-game UI (inventory, health, hotbar, mana, tutorial prompts) displayed over my lobby character select screen and nothing would happen.

At this point, I relaunched the game, and the same thing happened with the in-game UI loading when I clicked to log into character “HCPractice”. I logged into my low-level Sentinel character, “Jbiggsent” which worked, then logged off and logged back into “HCPractice” which worked!

But something horrible had happened. I still had all my skills and talents in the same places but all of my items from inventory and equipped on “HCPractice” practice are gone. The equiped items were replaced with identical mirrors of the items that the low-level sentinel character has equipped, “Jbiggsent”. I am not going to touch either character so you can very they are indeed mirrored items on the two characters.

Hi there,

Thanks for the report! Unfortunately in rare and specific cases like this we aren’t able to do much unless we have the log file from when this occurred. The errors that occurred should be logged there, but the file is cleared when you restart the game so it’s unlikely to give us any information now.

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