Items in instance wiped on death, even if instance is kept alive

Screenshot of the tragedy (The pink item are my gloves :frowning: )

So I open and closed my inventory quickly, grabbing mistakenly my pair of gloves.

Having my gloves on the cursor, I couldn’t move nor act, and my character died doing so.
The gloves then dropped on the ground, probably caused by me spamming everything seeing my tanky bear dying.

I knew that upon respawning, the zone would close. So I invited a friend, that joined in, making sure that the instance would not wipe.

The instance was kept alive as expected, but all the items that were on the ground were wiped anyway when I respawned. INCLUDING MY GLOVES. Even if a friend was in the instance and kept it alive.

Anyway, they are gone, and I’m stuck on phase 4 of grief.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

5 stages of grief

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