Items in Chest and Gold are gone!

Since patch 1.0 was released, I preferred to play in offline mode to avoid connection problems. I created 2 characters in offline (Cycle) mode and now after 160 hours of dedication to the game, I went in to play yesterday and got a surprise. Basically all my items, tabs and gold are gone! In addition to having reset all my progression in the COF guild. Can someone explain to me what happened?
Player.log (120.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (62.5 KB) (1.5 MB)

Same here. Worse, it happen everytime i quit the game.
Can’t use stash or guild no more. I’ll play something else.

Yes, this is very frustrating. I’m still waiting for a response from them about the problem and nothing. I already gave up and moved on to the next one

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