Items Dissapear and Inventory full when its clearly not

I noticed at a random point in time that some of my equipped items were gone, I could equip a different piece to replace it without a problem but my lost items did not reapear. Few seconds later when I was trying to pick up gear of the ground it said my inventory was full when I clearly had space. All of this was in one session I didn’t log out or anything I did however tab out multiple times if that matters. I was also playing online.

Player.log (406.0 KB)
Player-prev.log (3.2 MB)

I think the bug i experienced is the same as yours. So im just gonna leave my report in here.

I noticed at a random point in time (when i opened my inventory) that i do not have some of my items equipped, but they were nowhere to be found in my inventory. Also the damage calculation on my fireball went down as if the items ACTUALLY disappeared.
Weird enough i still seem to hold most of my items visually, just not the wand.

Thankfully a relog fixed my inventory and the damage calculation.

I didnt dare to check if my damage was actually reduced or not because this happened on a HC character.

Player.log (651.6 KB)
Player-prev.log (645.2 KB)

I did not restart the game to relog so the prev log might not be necessary, just added it to be sure.

Had the same issue for the most part. everything was still showing up equipment wise for dmg calculation. I was just unable to pick any items up or equip anything.
Player.log (2.3 MB)