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Items are magically swapped

I’ve had this problem a few times now where my items get swapped without any reason.
I use an xbox controller, so at first I thought maybe I don’t know what buttons am pressing.

So I looked up the controller scheme in Steam.
Also, 've been more aware of what I am doing and what buttons I clicked.

And occasionally, my items will get swapped.
On Monday, my catalyst was swapped, and I can’t find the previous one.
Player.log (41.7 KB)
Player-prev.log (189.4 KB)

Attached is my log file.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Could you be more specific in your explanation?

The game doesn’t swap items without user input so its hard to guess at what is happening here.

I am not sure of the interactions with controllers but new users (using keyboard/mouse) do sometimes complain about right clicking changing gear and shift clicking and mistakenly selling items or seemingly going missing when they use the forge. All of these have been attributed to user ‘error’ which obviously stops once they understand the game interactions.

Could similar be happening your case?

EDIT: there is nothing in your player.logs that I would attribute to missing items. In fact its a pretty clean log not showing any unexpected errors beyond normal debug messages.

I will just have to be more careful in that case.