Reading a related thread that was about the game overall, there was a part about LE itemization and how it seems subpar. One of the comments made me see items in LE differently. Instead of being items that are potential upgrades in your gear, and exciting to find, they seem currently as nothing more than vessels for affixes that a player may or may not want to shatter.

Based on that, and to get away from that, I had a thought. Items have Implicit modifiers and up to 4 affixes. It would be much more interesting if items had a set Implicit based on the item type, as well as 1 or 2 more Implicits taken from a pool of possible implicits randomly (based on item type). Items would be guaranteed to get 1 random implicit, but could roll to have a second random implicit. Then the item could have the explicit affixes, but due to added item power, maybe reduce the number to 3 that can be crafted and make one of the 3 a “wild card slot” that can be either prefix or suffix.

Item Name
Static Implicit
Random Implicit (Guaranteed)
Random Implicit (Randomly)
Prefix Affix
Suffix Affix
Wild Card Affix (Can be either prefix or suffix affix)

This would make the thought process on whether to shatter an item much more interesting considering the implicits (which don’t translate to affixes for crafting).

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