Item Value Loot Filter Option

Please add a loot item filter that will allow us to flag dropped loot (with color options; especially using an advanced loot filter) for when an item is worth more than the threshold we have the chosen to designate. With having to deal with the pay-spend for Runes of Shattering, it would be great to be able to tell the loot filter to SHOW dropped items that are above a set level amount once sold.

What sort of value are you asking for?

MG price? That’s not something the devs have a framework to implement properly… nor should they ever even consider doing in the first place. Value comes from the perception of the community in diablo clones and missing out on valuable items causes the market to retain the functionality for longer, especially since we don’t have a listing limit.

If it’s about the value to traders… all items are worthless, so it already is fairly senseless to do that.

Which would only leave sorting by personal perceived value based on the affixes an item has… and that we can already sort for, albeit I would say a bit more in-depth options like choosing individual affixes with different minimum tiers would be a good thing for the filter.

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Based on their statement, they are referring to the dropped loot vendor price. The Rune of Shattering vendor for 2000 gold, with your first character beginning end game with a meager affix and gold supply the request makes sense.

Well, it goes against EHG devs take on this.
They stated they don’t want to make vendoring items to the NPC a valid source of gold income, hence they drastically lowered the prices of keys, for instance.

Regarding runes of shattering, by the moment one needs to be actively using them, they’ll sure have collected at least 30 just by looting, and prolly have enough gold to buy all they need.

I suppose the highest selling items are uniques (?), which sells for 500 each. So they would be the only ones worth picking up if one wishes to buy shatter runes with only the gold they farmed from vendoring.

So, I don’t really think it makes any sense… I’m sure anyone will get more gold from full-clearing the echo than from vendoring the whole inventory they filled with dropped loot from the same echo.

I’m Circle of Fortune so the loot that drops in game is all I have to earn gold (outside of quest rewards). Using a very intricate loot filter with many layers, I don’t see most if not nearly all 100 gold+ items as I near level 90. I’m just hoping such a gold-value filter could be implemented so I’m not constantly having to hold down X and look at everything on the ground. It’s very time consuming to say the least. Hope this clarifies my request a bit better.

Uniques and Set pieces are top sellers, but you’d be surprised how much amulets and rings go for above level ~70. I just sold an amulet last night for 900 gold exactly. That’s a lot of gold from the vendor that would have been missed by my loot filter.

Everybody understood what you were asking for, they’re telling you that you’re not going to get it. The devs explicitly do not want “load up on shitty items you don’t want and vendor them” to be a good way to play the game.

There’s no reason for you to be doing this. You get more gold from a single gold shrine or gold echo reward than from multiple full inventories worth of vendoring items.

This is an actual problem that newer players with their first character are having. Gold Shrines and Echo rewards are as far as i can tell level based.

I don’t have any issues now but when i was leveling my first character i would manually pick up every piece of gear worth 90+ gold just so i could afford shatter runes. I didn’t enjoy it, but i wanted those runes to craft my gear.

It wasn’t until level 75 or so that Shrines/Gold echos started to be worth it. Before then i remember doing a Gold Reward echo and i got a total of 500 gold.

Honestly, the only problem I’m hearing there is an inappropriate level of concern for buying Shattering Runes. There is really no need to be stockpiling them from vendors, and definitely not when you’re low level enough for gold to be piddling amounts. I don’t know where people get the idea in their head that they need to do that.

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Ok… or just find a singular gold-shrine or gold monolith reward and make up for the last 10 full inventories of items at once while not wasting your time to sift through the difference between ‘potentially useful’ and ‘sell-junk’ at the end.

It’s an interesting way you’re going along with it but 1.) not meant to be done in the first place by the devs and 2.) in now way, shape or form efficient either. So overall you’ll end up with less gold in the same play-time then otherwise.

Because you said it yourself ‘it’s very time consuming’… so don’t consume that time in the first place, just mindlessly go for every shrine and the monolith rewards and handle it through that.

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Yeah, I’m gonna have to call BS on this.

Take a look at the MG vendors and tell us there is no reason to look for more gold. Even if you ignore the items that were inflated during the exploit, things are still ridiculously priced in almost every category. They make gold a low-income item then let people price things in the millions of gold, making the only way to get some of these “chase” items to use RMT or suck it up and go without.

“The market will fix itself” has proven, time and time again, in game after game, to never be true.

Your answer you provided had literally nothing to do with what was said.

If you’re MG then you go for rare items, no vendor food.

If you’re CoF you go for gold monoliths and shrines, still no vendor food.

Provide a singular situation where vendor food is more viable then any other available method without your own BS… as you called the absolutely fine and actually right answer to you.

Probably from streamers making guides.
I’ve seen it in more than 3 video guides, people telling everyone should always be buying shatter runes from level 1, because otherwise there won’t be enough runes for when you need them. :man_facepalming:

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Dude, what are you on about? Nobody is talking about MG in here.

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That’s annoying and those streamers and guides are misleading people to their detriment.

I honestly think they should remove Shattering Runes from vendors entirely. It’s totally unnecessary for them to be there. You’ll be absolutely drowning in them through drops before you ever need to shatter anything. Even starting totally from scratch for this cycle, I never bought a single one from a vendor and never had cause to.

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While i can’t speak for the OP i can say that i wasn’t “stockpiling” the runes. I was using them the moment i got them.

Between purchasing stash tabs, shatter runes, and respeccing my new player experience was lived at 2000gp or less.

While i don’t agree that a loot filter option for high value items is the solution, i do want to point out the problem.

Edit: It’s a problem that only effects new players and for a relatively short time true but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked.

I’m not saying that the loot filter should have a “value” indicator, but it isn’t true for all that shattering runes at a vendor aren’t needed. I didn’t have drop often enough, and even now I need to get prophecies to replenish them for myself. Perhaps I’m a Very Bad Player, but even near endgame, I’ve had to buy a bunch. And no, I’m not shattering everything, only things with affixes I want to get/build up.