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I’ve been playing and enjoying this game for almost a week now. I’m not through the story yet, but there is some information about items which I find myself frequently looking for, but is not included in the tooltip.

  • Size of item in grid. Since the item graphic displayed in the tooltip is always the same size, it is not immediately clear how much inventory (or idol grid) space an item which is currently lying on the ground will take up.

  • Tier level of affixes. This tells how much a specific affix may still be improved by crafting, or how many shards may be extracted from it. It can also give an impression of how well a specific item has rolled.
    Currently this information is included in the advanced (ctrl+alt) tooltip, but I think it could work in the main tooltip in icon form.

  • Prefix/suffix status of affixes. I sometimes find myself having to double-check on my equipped item which side a particular affix is on, if I’m considering a new item with less than 4 affixes.
    This is shown in the advanced (ctrl+alt) tooltip, but that tooltip does not include the item comparison. Perhaps modify this version of the tooltip to include the comparison?

This is a very minor information that does not have a lot of value on the “main tooltip” IMO. Enabling this as optional would be ok I guess, but the main tooltip should only inherent essential informations by default.

Same as above, I think those informations are not essential and incredibly overwhelming to new player.
If you show too much information at once checking multiple items can be overwhelming and daunting.
I guess giving a again optional default main tooltip would be ok, but it should not be shown by default.

You can see this already on the Item tooltip and also further activate another option in the option menue to make it even more apparent.

The Golden Pointy Arrows indicate if something is a Prefix or Suffix

You can also enablle “Item Ground Label Affix Indicators” in Settings → Gameplay

If you have this enabled you can see super quickly how many prefixes and suffixes an item has, when it’s on the ground
The dots left and right of the Items name are the indicators how many prefixes or suffixes the item has.

While we are at it, you can also choose different “naming conventions” for items on the drop down menue below the Item Ground Label thingy.

This will show:
Short - Only Base Type Name
Normal - Only the highest prefix or suffix
Long - All prefixes and suffixes

In my example I used “Long”

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Huh, I hadn’t noticed that one yet. Which, I guess, is the problem with subtle visual cues.


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