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Item Stuck in Crafting window

I used a rune of cleasing to remove all mods on an amulet. After crafting t5 dodge rating and t3 dex somehow the item was not recognized as being on the craft window crafting wise. It can not be modified but the graphic remains there and the item is not found anywhere else. When I put another item over it, it shows the mods of the previous amulet. The two graphics of the item overlap each other. Only when I specifically mouse over the new item (not the amulet) does it show the mods for the new item. The mods in the crafting window are still the amulet. It is not fractured.
Operating System:

Detailed description:

What were you doing at the time?

How consistently does this happen?

Your system information:

Your log file:

If you haven’t opened the game client again since, could you please post your log file?

Ah sorry. When I eventually died in my current waves run I closed the game and re opened to see if the stuck amulet would disappear. It did:) But it was permanently removed. Couldnt find it in my stash or inventory anywhere.

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