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Item Name Spreadsheets?

Sorry I do not know what the proper term is but as an example something like “Deft Axe” gives increased attack speed. Has anyone started or is there a spreadsheet already made saying what the terms give in stats? I may make a personal file if there isn’t anything just yet.

The wiki has multiple such lists.

I think it’s a couple of patches behind currently, but not many of these will have been changed.


Ah I am.sorry and thankful. Unless I missed it I was looking for a list that shows what terms used in item names mean what stats, such as deft in an item name (such as deft necromancers wand) would mean the wand rolls with increased attack speed.

Maybe a better way would be that I am looking for a list that would look something like:

Deft : increased attack speed
Of the lion : increased stamina, increased strength

Things like that.

Check the second link.

You’re looking for columns 3 and 5. You may also be interested in column 4.

OH thank you very much. I skipped right over that, thank you a lot!

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