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Item/Map reset on using personal Portal

So I do not know exactly if this is actually intended or a bug, plus I also think this is known given a certain interaction, but still I want to write it down:

When you use a personal portal to e.g. go sell your stuff and make room for more items the map you ported from is actually resetted and all loot not looted is gone.
Also chests in the area are closed again. (They only drop 3-4g though, that was the point that lead me to think that you guys know about the issue.)

If this is intended than ignore my post and take it as a “why the heck would you do this” post :^)

Thank you for the report!

This is a known technical limitation which will be resolved in a future update. I can’t yet offer an ETA for when zone persistence will be improved, however it is on our radar.

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Yea. I’ve noticed the same thing… that it seems to reset the whole map and any loot on the ground is de spawned.

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