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Item grants infinte Skill Points

I dropped a helmet that grants +1 to marrow shards, if I equip it it grants the skill point. Although if I spend the point, unequip it and equip again I get another point for free, I’ve tried to close the game and open again an the allocated points are still there.

Ifinite skill points

Hello Vonsouza!

If you equip an item which grants a skill point, it is granted so long as you wear the item. If you un-equip the item, you lose access to that skill point, and so it is removed from your skill tree. When this happens, the next time you open your skill tree, the node which had a point removed since you no longer have that point begins flashing red, and a message pops up in the top left telling you which node lost a point as well.

Re-equipping the item will grant the skill point again to be assigned.

I must have done something wrong it’s working like you described.