Item duplication in town

I was in The End of Time and buying gear from the gambler. Sold him back some gear to make room for more. Tried to buy another 2 hand sword, but nothing happened when shift-right clicking on it. I had inventory space and enough gold. Went down to the shop to sell some items, clicked Transfer Crafting Items, then stashed the rest of my items and went back to the gambler. Reroll’d and bought a new sword, this time it worked, but it also gave me back all of the items that were in my inventory when I was trying to buy but was failing earlier.

This should only be a visual bug. We have a fix coming soon. Thanks for the report.

Not sure what kind of logging you guys have, but I did confirm that I ended up with 2x Orchirian’s Petals in my inventory afterwards before vendoring the second one. I didn’t check to see if I actually received gold for vendoring it.