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Item Disappearing when going through portal

For starters don’t know if it matters but I play on steam and I only have like 5 hours but I’m enjoying the game and found a somewhat upsetting bug. But I was in the council chambers during the ruined era selling random inventory junk as I am leveling like normal. Upon selling everything I decided to see if I could upgrade my boots which weren’t great but they are the best I have got. So when I opened my window with “f” and clicked on the window to clear the destruction rune thing my character started walking towards the portal and I ignored it because didn’t really think much of it. So my boots where off of my character and being dragged to the upgrade window when I went through the portal and once I got to the other side my boots where gone and nowhere to be found on either my character, the upgrade window or the ground. So I went back to town and they weren’t on the ground there either. Ik they are gone and I’ve accepted it just figured I might leave a message so it can hopefully be seen and doesn’t happen to someone else.

Player.log (402.0 KB)


This is a direct result of maps resetting and not keeping state when using portals. A similar thing to this will happen if you collect loot in a map and teleport back to town to sell it, when you return to the map the drops etc are like to be missing…

This is unavoidable right now. The devs have confirmed this will be addressed with the online Multiplayer update where session state is very important.

As for clicking on the portal by mistake, this is an issue with how the game is interpretting the mouseclicks when you mouseover anything that can be activated - not just portals but chests, NPCs etc… So it happens all the time and you need to be careful you dont mistakenly drop or swap equipped gear when this happens… The only issue with portals is that transition so the above also happens.