It feels surreal to have my own Unique on the Steam Key Art

The weapon that the Acolyte wields in the Key Art for 1.0 is my own Creator Unique, Death’s Embrace.

This feels absolutely surreal, especially because I know the skill/build it is meant to be used with is not very popular.

Regardless EHG somehow decided to use this as somewhat of a Flagship.

I am extremely proud of this item, especially the Art and the Flavour text.

I wanted to give a big thank you to EHG and hopefully this reaches the Artist, who made the 2D Art for this. She absolutely blew this out of the water and I couldn’t be happier.


That’s so cool, definitely an amazing feeling I imagine.

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Wow! That’s pretty awesome! :smiley: Congrats to you mate!

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Grats! Imo best thematic weapon there is. Become a litch and harvest some souls with a big glowy scythe. Its perfect.

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That is so awesome, I would feel ecstatic to see it on promotional works also if I were in your position.

Great job on the Creator Unique @Heavy and awesome artwork for the item as well EHG. Looks really cool.

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