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Issues with Steam Purchase, Supporter Pack, Upgrading Pack

I’ve emailed Support, posted responses to threads here, and tried the support site as well, but my issues remain in odd ways, so maybe a separate thread here will help.

I bought the game on Steam. I saw that we’d get the Ardent Gladiator supporter pack for doing so. But this was also back before the Steam & forum account linking was broken, so I waited for that to get fixed.
Now the Steam account linking is fixed. and I have access to the cosmetic pet in game.


  1. As you can see to the left, I don’t have the Supporter tag. I don’t see anything to turn this off/on in forum settings or preferences.
  2. I also can’t upgrade the supporter pack without a full purchase. Is this an option? I’d like to give you guys more money.

Unfortunately, pack upgrade is something that’s been temporarily disabled.

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Huh, interesting. Thanks for digging that up for problem #2. Hopefully it’s easy to sort that out.

I also want to upgrade to the 400$ Pack. Would be nice to be able to upgrade via your shop soon :slight_smile: