[ISSUE] Targeting MOBs with single-target melee skill seems a bit janky

Targeting/hitting single MOBs with melee combat skills (in this case, Vengeance from Sentinel tree) seems off. The target boxes on the MOBs seem almost non-existent at times. Can wail away on a critter and never make contact.

I do not believe it to be a Dodge issue as a.) the MOB combat text never displays the “Dodge” notice and b.) I can attack the MOB continuously for a minute or more and never make contact. However, if I step away, re-target and swing… boom, dead in a shot or two (what would be expected if targeting had worked initially.)

FWIW, issue seems most noticeable vs. Skullen MOBs

Example: - YouTube (attack on Skullen MOB starts at approx. 0:08 and goes for about 0:30 before I re-target/kill)


I have noticed this as well I wasn’t sure if it was just me, and specifically with vengeance. I just leveled a sentinel and the hit box seemed janky.

I hope this gets some attention. The character on which I most heavily rely on a single-target skill (Vengeance) leverages health leech/tap, and when a MOBs target box “disappears”
and he is swinging into empty air, he pays the price in not being able to regen health.

It can’t just be the Vengeance skill, but rather MOB targeting in general that needs investigation. Sometimes a MOB outline appears, sometimes not. Sometimes the health indicator at the top-screen UI appears, sometimes not. It is almost as if the character’s hitbox is, at times, overlapping the MOBs hitbox and the character’s hitbox take priority. Worrisome to be sure.

Another mouse targeting hiccup is that it appears that foreground object (relative to camera perspective) “block” one’s ability to accurately target.

Sample of the issue: - YouTube
I tried to indicate in the video description those timestamps where the issue is most prevalent. Hope helps.

This may not be an issue when one is roaming around in town, but on a map when trees, columns, ruins, et al. cause one’s targeting to break and MOBs are closing in thick and fast, it can be the death of a character for certain.

I am not trying to be critical for the sake of being critical, just calling out issues specific to the current mouse targeting system. Very much enjoying the game and hope to see these issues resolved. Cheers!

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